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  • Lip Liner:
    Lips that have lost definition through the aging process can be corrected & shaped with permanent lip liner. This will make the lips look fuller, the colour enhanced and the shape corrected. This is the best way to enhance the lips and create volume and symmetry. The colour of the liner can be picked according to the Client choice and preference.
  • Lip Enhancement:
    First the lips are recontoured using a liner technique, then colour applied to the full lip area. You can achieve a nice soft lip colour all over especially in cases where lips are patchy in colour. This is a truly beautiful effect that makes lips look fuller. This procedure demands a great deal of skill.
  • Blend in lip liner:
    It is midway procedure between lip liner technique and lip enhancement. First the outline of the lips is drawn then the coloured pigment Blends in halfway through the lips.

Golden eye and NPM pigments meet all the strictest certification requirements in quality, safety and hygiene. Our technology meets the highest standards of quality, safety, hygiene and health protection. Our products and their manufacturing processes are certified and guaranteed, meeting all legislative requirements.

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